The task ping-pong productivity system

Nowadays, everybody comes with his or her system for productivity. Now it’s my turn. Note: simple tactics won’t change more deep issues in your character that might be holding you back from tackling certain tasks.

This idea needs further experimenting but I’ve seen it working.

Sometimes we find we have tons of tasks to tackle and we just don’t know where to start. We focus on the urgent tasks or the easiest, or the ones that provide you more enjoyment or you’re more motivated to do them.

But time after time you see tasks and projects you know they’re important (maybe not urgent yet, but important for sure) and you don’t know where to start, or you don’t even want to cope with all the responsibility it implies starting it. Perhaps, you don’t know how to finish it the proper way, and that’s why you don’t even bother to start it. It happens quite often doesn’t it?

This approach might work in some cases where other approaches just don’t.

The situation that this system aims to solve is when you have a task and you’re in a team which (starting from 2 people) you can share tasks and work together.

You can start with any project or task: you start by trying to break the task or project into small more doable tasks. You don’t need to think about knowing how everything should be divided. Just the first one.

“A” makes the first move: makes a small thing from the bigger task, and thinks about what needs to be done next. Then Send an email (Gmail!) to “B”: “Subject: Task QQQ . Hi, I’ve done X, you can continue with Y”. Now it’s “B” ’s turn to do something about the task, so he does and send back to “A”: “I’ve done Y, you can continue with Z”. That way, the team will be moving forward every time, there will be a lot more of encouragement to do the task and accountability. For sure, the tasks will be finished a lot sooner than keeping it undone for months.

Main benefits:

As you know that every email will be somewhat easy to start and finish, and it will take ideally little time to do it so you can do it without prior planning your schedule. It’s like a small car, you will find it easier to park almost everywhere, compared to bigger cars.

Known problems of this approach:

– Both you and your task-partner should me really motivated by the fact that completing the task will mean you are one step forward in your goals. People that don’t want to do something, you rather not ask them doing or helping with it.

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